How kind is kindness?

Have you realized that the law of living depicts a lot about kindness? Generosity basically is the art of giving out something without expecting anything in return.

Kind people often find themselves giving out even their hearts!! Unfortunately, the law of nature does not favor them. Mostly, the world rewards them with pain and bitterness. The good thing about kind people is that they do not give up who they are.

Sometimes, kind people think that nature offers them absolutely nothing in return. They keep on hoping that lone day they will be treated better. They keep their faith that they will be showed kindness the same way they show it to others.

People take for granted small acts of kindness. The nature of human beings is that they forget good deeds done to them but remember bad deeds. We do not take a second to appreciate deeds of kindness but we like to make kind people feel filthy for their caring nature.

Kindness is not by chance. It cannot be changed from your heart if you have it from within. If you are kind naturally, you have a rare gift inside you. Therefore, if you are kind you are a blessing. Continue doing what is right. Keep it in mind that God will always come to your rescue at the time you need help most.

By Cynthia Njiru

My Illusory Man

In my wild thoughts and visions, I see you like a small baby. That charming, adorable and delicate. One man once said that men are like small kids just know how to treat them ryt.

My man, I’ll handle you with care. I’ll carry you like a mother does to her baby. Now because you will be my baby, my responsibility will be to guard you safe and tenderly both in my heart and mind.

Oh my visionary man, my imaginary man. How I see your cheeks attractive like those of a bubbly toddler so attractive that I always long for mounting a million kisses on them.

Baby… I’ll make you a coat in the backyard garden where I’ll be laying you in the afternoon and swing you back and fourth to cheer you up.

How fast will my heart melt like oil on fire when I’ll be looking at the reflection of your smile on the mirror as I comb your kinky African hair in the morn after shower…

I’ll be waking up early then kiss you on the forehead, stare at you for a minute as I envy your baby morning sleep. Then, I’ll cover you up and come back to wake you up so that you can go take a shower. As you’re in the shower I’ll make sure my morning delicacies send a deep aroma that will always make you run to my kitchen and tease me as I cook.

That heavy mouth watering breakfast for you my lovely baby… I’ll be the answer to your rumbling stomach chipmunk always serving you the best

After we take breakfast together, I’ll be packing your break time snack at work which will be your favourite sandwich or a piece of ‘mokimo‘ or deep fried muhogo, ngwaci or ndūma and an apple remember baby an apple a day keeps the doctor away

My lovely babe buoy you know your mama took care of you when you were a baby but now I’ll be taking care of my handsome babe buoy

At 12.00noon I’ll be expecting my phone’s screen lighting with my baby buoy’s photo on calling to ask whether lunch is ready. And my answer will be dud yo mama ever delayed lunch when you were a kid? Then why should I? I’ll have sworn to myself that my babe buoy will never eat lunch at those restaurants at his workplace because I’ll be his senior chef and he will be addicted to my recipes. And when my babe will be heavy with work to drive home for lunch he has my number on his finger tips its just a second of dialling and I’ll not be ashamed to make lunch deliveries at his office. Those rosy cheeks girls eyeing at my babe buoy at work will have to stop immediately i land there swaying my hips side to side valancing a dish with sweet potatoes in my head and on my hands a flask of ‘mdalasini’‘ tea wenye wivu watajinyonga kwa chewing gum au vipi?

My lovely babe buoy i wanna assure that by 12noon lunch will always be ready because no baby eats late lunch nor skips the same under what circumstances.

To catch the next part on my illusionary man view my next update tomorrow

I As A Woman

I know I’m not perfect but I try

I get challenged and I lie, and that makes me look like a spy

sometimes I get the urge to fly, and no matter how hard I try, I fall down and cry

Once bitten twice shy is my driving force from within

As a woman that is the utmost drive which will raise me high

As a woman, getting to rise to high needs me to be harder

Most importantly stronger and wiser

Then, I’ll get the power, to conquer and be a conqueror

As a woman I know I’m a warrior

Who is killing Kenyans today?

I woke up today and the first post news headline on NY phone is of an emaciated human, a Kenyan who deserves life. My mind is captured by the protruding bones, thin legs and hands which are thinner than a rope. Veins are all over the dry loose skin and I wonder what blood the heart is pumping. The person is dying of hunger and is seen sprawling on the ground weak with no sign of life. It’s quite a disturbing picture because the next moment I find myself not holding anymore and hers start to flow on my cheeks.

On the other side of the view I see a series of Kenyan dignitaries in line all healthy with suits and glowing skins without forgetting full stomachs. One of them is addressing the media and what he says puts a question to his humanity. He sounds more of a hater an inhuman. He goes on to say, “This year’s drought situation is better” This statement arouses many questions like, Is the situation better because you had a luxurious bacon, eggs, milk, fruit juice, bread, tea, coffee and sausage for breakfast? Is the drought situation better because you ate this morning and yet another Kenyan like you ate two weeks ago?

That dying man is representing many others who are dying of hunger. He is representing other Kenyans suffering out of the selfishness of their leaders. That dying Kenyan once had energy and when he worked, you ate all his profits grow your bellies and oil your faces. That dying Kenyan and many others once woke up at the crack of dawn to vote you in do that you may change their life. As a leader you gave promises of securing every Kenyan out of hunger and attending to their needs. Today, it’s the other way round. You’re bailing your name out of problems by giving false statements that no Kenyan has died our of hunger but because of sicknesses. You are betraying Kenyans.

Your greed made you to pocket all the tax payers money, all the profits of that working Kenyan that is now dying of hunger and here you are turning your back on them. That time you were building expensive hotels of your own, did you consider the life of the people who gave you that position? Why are you allocating 2 billion Ksh to be used in water tracking and drilling boreholes and buying waterpumps? Save us your care now because you could have done that the next day after you were sworn in to work for Kenyans.

As Kenyans we are sick and tired of fake promises. We work all day and sweat and slave. We do this for others to have all their days celebrating and all the time they are always in abundance as we suffer. We do get our skins peeled off to keep the wealthy fat. They fill our heads with promises. They put on false sincerity. Then, they go and laugh behind our backs.

Money, corruption, greed and selfishness ate killing Kenyans today. Crooked politicians betray us. They pocket all the profits of our sweat then treat us like sheep. We are bitter expressing how much we hurt when we let out our pleas bit they turn their backs on us when we need them most. They make us crawl on the floor as we beg for more but we still get ignored.

We Kenyans are tired of being herded like a mindless flock of sheep. Tired of hearing promised we know they’ll never keep. Every man and woman, we got to stand together. I’m addressing all the youths and the controllers of the next era that we ought to be more careful the next ballot. Let us choose a man who’ll be out savior and who will lead us. Let’s not pay attention to our commonality in language or saying “huyu ni wetu” focus on the humanity of the person.

That day we will choose a leader who will make Kenya a better place will be the last day of the evils on this land. That is when we will be free and will walk head high. We will be living in a new society without class distinction, no slums, no poverty, no hunger bit peace will dominate.

Youths of this nation, let us unite to end these vices for good. I believe we can. Yes we can!!

I Have Nothing to offer But Blood, Toil tears and Sweat

That was the night I was late after a long day at my new job interview that was happening downtown. I was freaking tired from the hectic traffic and unending downpour. I drove to my favourite coffee shop Heila’s to warm myself up. Coffee was the only thing I was craving for before driving yo my apartment which was a few kilometers away.

The hot coffee steamed up my body. I was electrocuted in a serious current of heat. I began sweating a million strings of sweat droplets on my forehead.

I took off my long coat and then rushed to the washroom to redo my red berry lipstick. I looked myself at the mirror and my tight pencil skirt formed a very provocative womanly shape. I was proud. No sooner had I left the washroom towards my seat than I got a glimpse of a sweet cherry eyed young man. I fell for his eyes.

I realized that he was glued to the swaying of my hippy hips being exaggerated by a number of calculated steps in my black heeled boots. We looked at each other for sometime and I could feel a strong connection between us. He was beautiful. He was more like me, a Virgo and a master in using telepathy. He connected with my mind such that he was getting a clear picture of what I had experienced the last time I felt such a connection with a guy.

He could see blood flowing profusely from the guy in my past incident. I was holding a heart on my hands. He was afraid that I would eat his heart too because a message was encoded from my soul identifying me as a ‘man-heart- eater’. “Your beautiful eyes have fought for you. ” are the words that came from mouth.

I then left hastily without turning back.

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